That's what many of our participants told us as we neared the last week of the first Sun Life TBR LYF Challenge. Some were in a state of panic: "What will I do when TBR LYF Challenge ends?!" 

When I launched Sun Life TBR LYF Challenge, it was borne out of the need to help Filipinos during yet another lockdown due to COVID-19.  I wanted to share the experience I had gained and use my network to serve Filipinos who were struggling physically and mentally at this time. Thankfully, coaches and friends were willing to serve and generous sponsors offered their support to help our community. 

With the challenge coming to a close, I feel honoured and thankful for the opportunity to help people on their journey towards living a healthier and happier life with this little passion project of mine.  Truth be told, this Challenge was more like a labor of love from us to you where the fees were made to be affordable so that everyone who wanted and needed it could join.

As we move forward, without sponsors to support us this time, we will offer carefully curated programs to help you achieve your unique health and wellness goals.  

For the first batch of Sun Life TBR LYF Challenge, we will help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle by ensuring you stay consistent with our program while diving deeper into health coaching and meditation. 

For those new to TBR LYF, we welcome you and hope that we can help you on your wellness journey.


We have the plans below under TBR LYF 2.0 programs: 


For TBR LYF Challenge participants, if you're wondering where our Movement category went, don't worry! We're launching these new programs soon:


Below are the rates for the various plans:

  • TBR LYF HEALTH: Php 2,299 / mo, 3-month commitment
  • TBR LYF MEDITATE: Php 2,299 / mo, 3-month commitment
  • TBR LYF 2.0: PPhp 4,599 / mo, 3-month commitment


To sign up, email tbrlyf@gmail.com directly with your full name and the package you are interested in.  We will provide payment details then.

TBR LYF Challenge Participants are eligible for a 10% discount.  Please inform us in the email if you were a previous participant. 

Here's to living our best lives!

Gotta Run,

Jaymie Pizarro
The Bull Runner
IIN Certified Health Coach

Updated: Oct 9, 2021